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As a leading innovator in the hospitality industry,
we support ambitious entrepreneurs and build lasting partnerships that increase opportunities.
We overcome complexity and drive businesses foward to create value for our partners and investors.

about us

The ATHENAEUM is either known as the temple primarily dedicated to ATHENA or a school founded by Emperor Hadrian for the promotion of literacy and scientific study.

Athena was one of the twelve chief Olympian deities and the goddess associated with wisdom, craft, and warfare.
Characteristics such as rationality, tactics and strategy were embodied through her.

Based on this, the ATHENAEUM turned into a place where society met to discuss political and academic affairs, which remained over thousands of years in its spiritual foundation as an institution for the promotion of learning and the basement for advancement.

The ATHENAEUM Holding was created to combine strategic alignments and lead them through functional human processing into positive operational values.

More than 30 years of constant evolvement based on international background in numerous owned successful companies, making them benchmark hospitality institutions, shaped by the entrepreneur Oliver W. Braun, find their culmination at the ATHENAEUM Holding.

We always set benchmarks in strategic development, management and financial accuracy.

Since 2022 our focus turns towards going new ways in hospitality but also in our approach to human principles and translating them into the needs of our community.

We evolve by acquiring and operating market-leading, innovative concepts and cultures, specialized in unique luxury lifestyle venues and creating individual, iconic destinations.

impact statement

ATHENAEUM Holding recognises the impact we make on society, the economy, and the planet. As we work towards
becoming Carbon Net Zero, we are committed to making a positive difference in the places where we operate.

We are on a journey to minimise the environmental impact of our operations, including those relating to carbon emissions, energy consumption, water use and waste management.

We also ensure that each of our activities make a positive contribution to the community in which it operates, not only  through they we treat their employees but also through considering local and global communities at large.

As we grow, ATHENAEUM Holding will strive to improve and adapt to ensure that we are constantly evolving  for the better.

Blauer Salon


Oliver W. Braun is the Managing Owner of ATHENAEUM Holding and also Founder of the ATHENAEUM Foundation and Chairman & CEO of ATHENAEUM Invest GmbH.

Formerly, he shaped several traditional institutions, like Gerstner Catering & Austria Hotels International into very successful & leading companies in hospitality, employing over 1.000 people in Austria and Czech Republic.

KommR. Oliver W. Braun is honoured member of several international institutions, a member of the YPO worldwide network and bearer of the great cross of honour of the republic of Austria.

Oliver W. Braun vision for the companies leverages the seismic shifts in the economy and it‘s need for new ways of co-existence in leading partnerships into new dimensions of growing with culture and based on diversity.

Economy shifts towards hospitality, changing communities with more diverse requirements and a massive change in human principles order us to reshape the face of luxury lifestyle, dining, hotels, meetings and event management companies, focusing on a new integrated approach to this rapidly expanding but changing sector.

To that end, Mr. Braun has restructured his portfolio to reshape and acquire assets to match and design accordingly.

Mr. Braun holds 35 years of international experience in entrepreneur- and leadership.

partnerships & acquisitions

ATHENAEUM Holding supports its partners through all aspects of the hospitality business – including the creation of
organisational infra-structure, business development and deal creation, procurement and supply chain synergies,
project funding, and the delivery of best-in-class class operational expertise.

core strengths

Our diversity of skills and strategic disciplines enable us to respond quickly to new opportunities and emerging markets.
Our brand promise is achieved through the synthesis of relationships and data.

asset management

business development

mergers and aquisitions

financial management


group structure


Kärntner Straße 51/3, A-1010 Wien
Tel. +43 1 313 686
FN 371056x | ATU 66877846

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